Project overview

Extreme Library Makeover

Client: diverse bibliotheken

Completed: January, 2013

Due to rapid technological developments, many libraries are realising that they have to enter into a new phase in their existence. In the current climate, when libraries are being faced with cuts and an uncertain future, sound advice is essential. Libraries are going to have to innovate themselves out of the crisis, and it’s clear that there is a growing need for advice and tools to allow them to embrace innovation and implement it within the organisation.

“Libraries often don’t know how to recognise chances to innovate, and/or struggle to accommodate these changes within their organisation.”

Doklab’s answer to this problem comes in the form of the ‘Extreme Library Makeover’: an innovative audit for the library of the 21st century and beyond.


So what exactly is an Extreme Library Makeover?

With the Extreme Library Makeover, Doklab, together with a team of library staff, identifies new opportunities for innovation. Staff of Doklab spend a few intense days becoming part of the client’s library to understand its atmosphere, its workings, its employees, and its users. In this way, they can make recommendations that will truly work for each organization.

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At the end of the Extreme Library Makeover, the library staff feels more involved in innovation and plans for the future. As a result of achieving buy-in with staff, innovation can be carried on a much wider scale throughout the organisation, allowing ideas to turn into plans, and plans into products and services.


The results of the Extreme Library Makeover are delivered in a digital report that gives an overview of the innovation chances within both existing projects and projects further afield. 
Extreme Library Makeover supports innovation within the library:

  • By identifying new innovation opportunities.
  • By involving staff in the audit.
  • By delivering a fresh, modern, digital final report.
  • By making an ELM Google+ community available for participants, where knowledge is shared and questions can be answered.

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